My Philosophy of Diving

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThroughout my years of diving recreationally and professionally I have developed a sort of philosophy about diving.  While some may think that this is a very personal, self reliant sport, that is good for people that want to be alone with their own thoughts it is actually drastically different.  Although you are in an environment where communication is very limited, and you do have to have some amount of self reliance there is a very strong social aspect to diving, and that is what makes it so appealing.  The greatest aspect of diving is not the beautiful environments that we are able to explore (the beautiful environments are a perk), it is the experiences that we are able to share with one another.  helping another diver find a cool fish or crab or anything they haven’t seen before is one of my greatest joys.  Even after the dives are done it is not uncommon to find the group of divers having a drink and sharing stories about past dives, trips, and classes.  We as divers are always looking for the next great adventure or location, and the only way to really find those is to talk to other divers.  The culture of diving is largely story based, the generations of divers who discovered many of the famous dive destinations today only have these stories to share.  With the increasing access to internet, video and other forms of media hopefully these stories will continue to be shared.  Because in a sport/hobby that limits communication we as divers yearn for interaction and sharing of our stories.IMG_0328

I would like to Pose a few question for any divers who might read this because I think it is one of the best you can ask. Feel free to answer in the comments, I want to know where you think I should go.

Where is your favorite place to dive?

Favorite dive site?

If you could only go on one more dive trip where would you go?


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