How to Deal with Seasickness

This is going to be short and sweet to avoid reading through all the filler simple effective way to deal with and avoid sea sickness.

  1. Purchase over the counter motion sickness medication. (bonine, dramamine, etc..)
  2. Take it the night before your water excursion, ideally before you go to sleep to take advantage of the drowsiness caused by some of the medications. This will help get the medication circulating in your system.
  3. Take the medication again in the morning before your water excursion, keep the medication in your system and retake again if a prolonged excursion.
  4. During steps 2 and 3 avoid overly greasy fatty foods keep meals lite and basic if possible, and stay hydrated.

Thats it take the medication the night before and the morning of and should greatly increase effectiveness of them. Good luck and enjoy your ocean adventures.


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