Diving With GoPro

Over the last year I have invested all of my diving not obligated to work to using my GoPro Hero 2 and more recently Hero 4 silver.  The combination of affordability, ease of use and high quality video makes it a no brainer for any diver that wants to share their experience with their friends.  There is a lot of trial and error using a GoPro and there is no doubt that a shot you may have hoped to capture might not turn out the way you wanted.  Aside from putting away the time to practice with the GoPro are a a couple things i think are imperative for diving with GoPro.IMG_0152

  1. Dive Housing- despite the standard housing being water proof to 139ft there are a couple reasons the dive housing is better.  The dive housing is thicker and can take more punishment and depth 199ft, it also is compatible for multiple filter systems.
  2. Color correction Filters-  Color is lost with depth, depending on how deep your dive is you may need different filters, red is the IMG_0155most common filter to brighten up the colors on a dive, the darker the red filter the deeper its intended for.  There are also filters for green water like Monterey Bay and have a Rose color.
  3. A proper Mount-  there are many mounts that divers use for different reasons, its up to you to find what works best, but my recommendation is between pistol grip, pole/extendable pole, or a trey.  Holing it in your hand or mounting it on your head has a lot of sway and movement and can make the watchers sick and hard to steady the picture.
  4. IMG_0153Lanyard or clip- attach the GoPro or mount to you in some way either using a lanyard on your wrist or a clip to your bcd somewhere so you can have your hands free in an emergency and not lose your GoPro.
  5. Spare Batteries- if you own a GoPro you are well aware that they still don’t have the best batteries, I highly recommend Having a spare battery or two just so you can have a fresh battery for each dive so you don’t miss out on a chance to catch anything.  They don’t have to be GoPro brand batteries the aftermarket ones work fine in my opinion and you can often find a package of 2 batteries online with charger and car adapter.

These in my opinion having these pieces of equipment will vastly improve the quality of the video you are taking, I will have videos of my dives posted periodically and hopefully everyone enjoys.

Breakwater Solo Dive


I normally avoid breakwater as best I can because it is over crowded with divers most of the times and can get a little hectic.  But I was in the area to pick up some filters for my GoPro and the water looked nice so I thought I would go for a little dive and see what it was like.  This was probably the best visibility i have ever seen at Breakwater but not having tons of other divers around made it possible to dive without disturbing the fine sediment that covers the sandy bottom there.